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Nebra disk

The Nebra Sky Disk is, to date, the oldest known depiction of the sky and astronomical phenomena. 
Nebra disk (scale 1-2). Size: about 15cm in diameter. 
Aluminum handmade and handpainted.

On request. Will be sent within 10 business days following the payment.

Price €72.00

Grail tablet rubbing

Faithful replica of the rubbing that Henry Jones performed on the tablet of the grail, and wich his son will keep with his diary during the film.

Perfect for display alone or with his replica grail diary

In stock.

Price €18.00

Baghdad Battery (Closed...

Reproduction of the Baghdad Battery. 
Closed version. 
Measuring approximately 17 x 10 x 10 cm.


On request. Will be sent within 15 business days following the payment.

Price €41.00

Bell's telephone (Non...

Non functional replica of the telephone used by A. Graham Bell in the first communication between Boston and Salem in 1876. (The first commercial model)

On request. It will be sent within three weeks after the order.

Price €151.00


Howler appearing in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, the second film in the saga of Harry Potter.


Under request. Ships within 7 business days after payment.

Price €55.00

Spartan scytale

A scytale (Greek: skytálē) is a cryptography system used by the Spartan Ephors to send secret messages.

The system consisted of two rods of the same thickness that were given to the participants of the communication. To send a message, a ribbon was wound in a spiral shape to one of the sticks and the message was written longitudinally, so that one letter at a time appeared on each turn of the ribbon. Once the message was written, the tape was unwound and sent to the receiver, who only had to roll it to the twin rod to read the original message.

Product made to order. It will be shipped within 7 business days of payment.

Price €57.00